Generate Word of Mouth Advertising for Your Real Estate Business

word of mouth marketingSince referral marketing is such an important lead generation strategy for REALTORS®, I wanted to share this terrific article on the subject. It’s written by Brian Kline and first appeared on Realty News Net.  The article examines how important referrals are for Real Estate agents, and how to encourage your contacts to mention you to their own networks.  Brian writes:

According to the National Association of Realtors® 88% of both home sellers and buyers used an agent in 2014. Of the other 12%, 7% bought directly from a builder and 5% bought directly from the seller.… Read the rest

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Best Online Tools for Real Estate Agents

Real-estate-marketing-toolsIt’s a wonderful time to be a REALTOR® with all the helpful tools available to the industry.  Technology offers us so many ways to stay connected, safe, organized and keep learning about real estate.   Are you taking advantage of the powerful apps and websites online to help you save time?  We’ve compiled a list of 10 terrific online tools for Realtors to help you accomplish more and make your life easier:

Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finderFor members of an industry who spend a lot of time on the go, searching for Wi-Fi can be a tedious process for Realtors, but still preferable over data charges! … Read the rest

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Secret life of a REALTOR

The life of a REALTOR is a varied one. Have you ever found yourself wondering how your professional habits compare to others in the industry? Today I’m sharing this Real Estate Infographic from Placester with you.  It sheds some light on one of the world’s most interesting professions.  Let us know what you think of the stats in the comment section below!



Want to learn more about the life of a Realtor? Check out what you need to know about Customer Relationship Management and the secret to real estate sales success. Read the rest

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Who is my Real Estate Sphere of Influence? a real estate agent, one of your biggest challenges is generating enough leads to increase your annual commission.  One of the best ways to gain leads is by establishing your Sphere of Influence (or SOI). It’s a common term in the real estate industry, but do you fully understand what it means for your business and how to leverage it to your advantage? Let’s dig deeper into what a SOI really is and how you can build yours effectively.

What is a SOI?

Read the rest
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IXACT Contact Featured in Intel® Case Study

IXACT Contact CRM featured for leading edge technology supporting real estate agents 

Logo with registered sign



IXACT Contact has recently been featured by Intel® for its technological advancements and easy-to-use functionality for real estate professionals.

The study sheds light on IXACT Contact’s robust system architecture, based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600v2. The CRM currently supports over 8,000 active users and is designed to scale to over 50,000 users without any degradation in system performance or user experience.

While IXACT Contact is constantly evolving and adding new and powerful features, the company has maintained its core focus on providing REALTORS® with a cloud-based real estate CRM that delivers an amazing user experience in terms of ease-of-use and system performance, whether managing a database of 10 or 10,000 contacts.… Read the rest

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7 Essential Steps for Starting Your Real Estate Business

Start You Real Estate CareerNew to the real estate industry? This career path holds many opportunities and challenges for  you. While your first year in real estate can be the hardest, it’s also your chance to establish sound business practices for long-term profitability.

Here are 7 essential steps for starting your real estate business!

1. Treat your business like a business!

Establish regular business hours. Keep excellent records. Return all calls and emails promptly. Being your own boss means being completely accountable for your own success or failure.… Read the rest

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Agents: Here’s How to Get Client Testimonials

real estate testimonialsTestimonials are a valuable asset for every real estate agent.  They generate leads and further establish you as a home-ownership expert. Today, I’d like to share this blog post with you from Morris Real Estate Marketing Group.

Agents, testimonials accomplish two important things in Referral & Repeat Marketing. First, testimonials tell prospects and colleagues that you have a reputation for building long lasting, solid relationships with clients. Second, testimonials make all your marketing communications and presentations more believable.

Lets face it.… Read the rest

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4 Great Alternatives to Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Postcards have been a standby keep-in-touch technique for real estate agents for years. They can be an effective way to stay top of mind and generate more repeat and referral real estate business.

But have you ever wondered if there is a fresh way to communicate with your contacts? We’ve compiled 4 terrific alternatives to post cards that are all quick and easy to implement into your business with a good CRM for REALTORS®.

Real Estate Marketing PostcardsKeeping in touch is easy with the right CRM.… Read the rest

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Looking for a Real Estate CRM for Your Mac and iPad?

Real estate CRM for Mac and iPad‘Tis the season for giving and receiving gifts, and some of the hottest gifts year after year are Apple products.

Maybe you requested a new Macbook or iPad from a loved one, or  maybe you gifted one to yourself. Either way, as a business minded real estate agent, you’ll be wondering which real estate CRM is best for Mac and iPad users.

The truth is that most of the CRMs on the market have been designed with PC mind. We know that even with a lot of searching, real estate agent software for Mac users can be hard to find.  … Read the rest

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What You Need to Know About Customer Relationship Management

As part of an industry notorious for its hectic workdays and long hours, I would wager a guess that you haven’t given as much thought to a real estate CRM as you would like to. That’s understandable! But now is a terrific time to research how a CRM can benefit your business and ultimately choose which one is right for you.

According to a study by ActiveRain, rich real estate agents are 87% more likely than poor agents to be using a real estate CRM. … Read the rest

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