5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks You Should Automate

real estate automationThe day of the average REALTOR® is a busy one.  Between commutes, meetings, listing appointments, prospecting, and marketing, you might find it difficult to carve out the time for dinner with your family!

While some of your tasks do require that you carry them out yourself, there are parts of your day that could be automated.  Taking advantage of technology can free up your time so you can dedicate yourself to your other tasks and your personal life.

Are you spending too much time manually completing tasks that could be automated? … Read the rest

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IXACT Contact Extends Its “No Limits” Real Estate Email Marketing Capabilities

prospect email addressUpdates to IXACT Contact’s powerful real estate email marketing platform make it easier than ever for REALTORS® to keep in touch with prospects and past clients more often, regardless of database size.

New enhancements to IXACT Contact’s powerful email marketing platform allow agents to send unlimited mass emails.  In addition, each individual mass email message can have an unlimited distribution list.  One of IXACT Contact’s key goals is to provide REALTORS® with the most user-friendly yet powerful real estate CRM and email marketing platform on the market. … Read the rest

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How Many Lead Contacts Does it Take to Create a Client?

piggy-bank-moneyLeads are an important part of any real estate agent’s business. Yet too often, leads are mismanaged and not given the proper attention. It’s amazing when you think about it – some agents will spend a fortune on websites and SEO, for the purpose attracting and capturing leads…and then do very little with them!

The fact is, it isn’t enough to make 2 or 3 contact attempts. Your leads may not convert after 4 or 5 contacts, either. By this point, it’s easy to become frustrated and assume that your lead is a dud.… Read the rest

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How to Have a Stellar December by Prospecting Now

winter real estate prospectingToday I’m sharing a blog post written by Jay Luebke for Inman.  I often discuss the importance of keeping in touch and prospecting on this blog, and I liked how Dan explains how to prepare for the winter season now.

Dan writes:

What many agents fail to stop and think about is that our income stream is not predictable in the sense that if we prospect now and find a new buyer or seller client, we will get a check in 30-45 days.… Read the rest

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6 Quick Tips For Real Estate Contact Management

real estate contact managementManaging your real estate contacts is the foundation to a successful career as a REALTOR®.  When you properly care for your database, you save time and energy that you can dedicate to other important aspects of your career and even your personal life.

Ultimately, using a real estate CRM will help you to stay more organized and get more out of your workday.  If you’re just getting started and are looking for some advice, here are 6 quick tips for real estate contact management, and how a CRM can help you:

1 – Keep everything in one place.

Read the rest
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[VIDEO] What’s Better, Past Clients or New Business?

In this video from IXACT Contact partner and real estate coach Bruce Keith, we learn that 67% of real estate business comes from your past clients and your Sphere of Influence.

This statistic is both good news and bad news, while you want as much referral business as you can get, you also want new business! Watch the video to learn how Bruce suggests you gain more new business along with your referral and repeat clients.

Bruce Keith is a leading motivational speaker and trainer, specializing in real estate sales.… Read the rest

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Cleaning Out Your Database Closet

real estate database cleaningToday I’m sharing a blog written by Debbie Hanlon for REMonline.com. Debbie’s clever metaphors explain why it’s so important to clean up your real estate databse. She even includes some great tips on how exactly to go about it!

Debbie writes:

Every now and then I get what I like to call the urge to purge. When that feeling comes upon me I go through my closets and pick out all the stuff I no longer wear, that is no longer in fashion or that, for some strange reason, has shrunk and no longer fits me.… Read the rest

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How to Bounce Back After a Lull in Home Sales

real estate salesToday I’m sharing a blog written by Jennifer Riner for Inman.  Jennifer’s topic is one that all REALTORS can relate to, and I think you’ll really enjoy her tips for how to bounce back after a slow time in real estate.

Jennifer writes:

In real estate, business tends to fluctuate depending on demand. You might experience months with little to no new business knocking at your door.

This is not abnormal, especially in a career where success is highly dependent on the local economy and, sometimes, the weather.… Read the rest

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Digging Deeper: Understanding Your Real Estate Prospects

iStock_000011860969LargeHere are two customer scenarios that come up periodically. The series of questions that follows will help you “get to the bottom of things”. The first one is all about identifying your Prospect’s true motivation, the  second one deals with “which agent to choose?”…

Scenario #1. Understanding Real Estate Prospect’s Motivation

Ever run into that situation when your prospect (buyer or seller) doesn’t reveal their true motivation easily? Sometimes they are vague, sometimes they’re unclear, and sometimes it appears that they’re not even sure how motivated they are.… Read the rest

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Experts Share the Worst Real Estate Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

churchillEveryone makes mistakes. No one can be perfect all the time. You probably already know that if you’re really trying, you’re bound to mess up. And at some point, failure is inevitable. Does that mean you shouldn’t try to avoid making a mistake? No. And with advice from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable real estate professionals, you can do just that.

We reached out to some of the most influential real estate professionals in the industry to see what advice they had for others.… Read the rest

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