IXACT Contact’s REALTOR® CRM Gets New Email and Lead Capture Automation Features

Lead captureWith our new Email Correspondence Capture, you can now capture all email correspondence with your clients and prospects right into your IXACT Contact real estate CRM! No more copying and pasting emails into the contact history or having to type in manual notes!

This new feature will help you get more organized and free up time. And next time you’re on the phone with a contact, you’ll benefit from the convenience of being able to see all past email correspondence with them. Now, everything you would need to see about a client or prospect is in one consolidated system – IXACT Contact.

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Want to Better Service Your Clients? Consider a CRM for REALTORS®

Provide better service to your clients with a CRM for RWhat are you doing right now to offer exceptional service to your clients? Perhaps you respond to their inquiries right away, provide them with excellent advice, are proactive in showing them homes they may be interested in and anticipating their needs, and more. But are there other things you can be doing? Maybe you could be leveraging technology more to bring the service you provide from good to great. Or great to extraordinary.

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20 Ways to Make $100K this Year… OR NOT!

Become a more succcessful Realtor by practicing effective real estate contact managementJennifer Allan-Hagedorn, a leading real estate coach and author of “Sell with Soul,” prepared a great list of things all REALTORS® should be doing to maximize their business success and build that coveted referrals and repeat business. Jennifer recommends IXACT Contact to all of her clients and would tell you that many of the items on the list below can be achieved just by using a good real estate CRM on a daily basis. Here is Jennifer’s list. Our commentary is in italics.

1. Do you have a photo on your business card? (“To Photo or Not to Photo?”)

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What’s The Difference Between Hard Email Bounces and Soft Bounces?

Real estate email marketing terms definedIXACT Contact is the only real estate CRM that comes with Email Campaign Reporting; a feature that helps you to identify your hot leads and gives you key insight into how many people opened and forwarded your email and clicked on its links. It also tells you which emails hard bounced and which ones soft bounced so you can clean up the email addresses in your database if necessary. A common question we get asked is “What’s the difference between hard and soft bounces?”

Here’s the deal…

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3 Best Practices for Converting Email Campaigns

Email Campaign Reporting - Real Estate Contact Management SoftwareToday we’d like to share a blog post by Jason Parker with Homes.com. Jason gives some great tips to help you take your real estate email marketing campaigns to the next level. Be sure to take advantage of the drip marketing programs and library of email templates (such as Just Listed and Just Sold e-Flyers) in your IXACT Contact REALTOR® CRM!


Email campaigns are an easy and cost-effective way to keep in touch with your sphere of influence. To help you stay in touch, the Homes Connect email marketing application has been redesigned for a smoother user experience. However, consumers’ inboxes are inundated with messages, so getting them to read your message can be a challenge. Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns by incorporating these three key ingredients.

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What You Need to Know About Keeping in Touch

Use your real estate contact management system to keep in touch with past clientsToday’s blog post is by leading real estate sales trainer, Bruce Keith. Bruce is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Bruce Keith Results. Remember that with a good real estate contact management system, the formula Bruce discusses can be planned and executed very easily. Enjoy:

The task of staying in touch with your real estate database always generates the question of “How often should I contact them?” The challenge for many real estate sales reps. is that, “I don’t want to be pushy but at the same time, I do want them to think of me when my services are needed.” The best way to answer the frequency question is to consider this thought…

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Top 4 Ways New REALTORS® Can Build Their Database with a Real Estate CRM

Real estate CRM databaseAre you a new Realtor trying to develop your business?

Are you wondering what role a CRM can play in helping you grow your database?

In this article I’ll explain four great ways you can build your book of business using a CRM for Realtors. With a real estate CRM, you can supercharge your sales success and get more leads than you ever thought possible. Here’s how:

1. Send out an e-Newsletter to those you know

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5 Blog Post Topics Agents Can Use and Re-Use All Year

Blogging ideas for RealtorsBelow is a great post on the Trulia pro blog by Tara-Nicholle Nelson. We’ve decided to share it with you today because you can use these great tips Tara discusses not just for blog post ideas but for all the real estate email marketing you’re doing with your REALTOR® CRM. IXACT Contact’s Realtor CRM, for example, comes with a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter, blank e-Newsletter templates that you can put your own content and images into, as well as Just Listed and Just Sold e-Cards and e-Flyers.

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Won’t Technology Suck Up My Time, Not Free Up More Time?

A CRM for Realtors will make you more productiveThis is a common misconception we hear at IXACT Contact. The reality is that core technologies, such as a CRM for REALTORS® will free up time for you, and actually give you more “face time” with your clients, not less!

The main reason is that CRMs are designed to help you stay in touch easily and consistently. Most Realtors don’t have memories like an elephant so they need a system where they can plan and schedule out their touch points and then get automatic reminders.

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The Secret to Serving Your Customers Better

A real estate contact management system is a great tool to provide stellar customer serviceToday we’re sharing an article that was written by IXACT Contact partner and real estate trainer Richard Robbins of Richard Robbins International. It appeared in REM Magazine. It’s an important piece because a real estate contact management system is essential to much of what he discusses. We’ll post a snippet of the article and a link at the end of this post.

One key theme of the article is that you have to master relationship-building in order to provide your customers with that ultimate service experience. As Richard says, “The secret to better serve, protect and support your clients, is to take time to get to know them.”

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