[VIDEO] The Secret to Real Estate Sales Success

successSuccess is never an accident.”

Powerful words from one of the most widely admired real estate coaches in North America. IXACT Contact partner Richard Robbins is an author, business mentor and a sought-after expert in the fields of personal and professional performance. In this video, he describes the factor that differentiates successful, top producing agents.

Richard describes the idea of the “Great Mystery.” Why some agents can absorb valuable advice, recognize it as valid and useful, and then walk away and never think about it again.… Read the rest

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IXACT Contact Announces Relationship with Tarbell, Realtors

Tarbell, Realtors selects IXACT Contact CRM to help REALTORS® stay organized, keep in touch and drive more leads.

Tarbell Realtors

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IXACT Contact is pleased to announce an exciting new corporate partnership with Tarbell, Realtors.  Tarbell is Southern California’s largest family-owned real estate company and boasts a rich history of nearly 90 years of service to America’s dream of home ownership.

Tarbell, Realtor’s executive team believes that success in real estate sales largely depends on keeping in touch with past clients, staying top of mind with prospects, and being well organized.… Read the rest

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10 Ways to Build Client Loyalty

customer relationshipYou know that the loyalty of your clients can be the factor that determines what kind of year you have in real estate sales. But do you know how much of a difference loyal real estate clients make to your business?

Consider this; a 5% increase in your customer retention can increase your profitability by 75% (Bain and Co). In spite of the astounding value in retaining clients, many REALTORS® struggle with gaining loyalty that translates into repeat business.

The foundation of building loyalty with your real estate clients is in offering them value. … Read the rest

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The Ultimate REALTOR® Checklist to Getting More Done

Realtor ChecklistDoes this sound like your typical day as a real estate agent who is short on time?

The average working person gets one interruption every eight minutes, or 50-60 per day. If each interruption takes five minutes, that totals about four hours or 50% of the average workday (Dr. Donald E. Wetmore).  No wonder it’s challenging to manage your time effectively and complete your tasks with all the interruptions you face as a busy realtor.

A little bit of planning can save you a lot of time in the long run so we’ve compiled a checklist for realtors to get more done on a daily basis. … Read the rest

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What’s the Best Way to Generate Real Estate Leads?

real estate leadsIt’s likely the foremost question on every real estate agent’s mind… what is the best way to generate more leads and make more sales? IXACT Contact partner and real estate coach Richard Robbins tackles the question with his expert insight. Richard writes:

I’ve been asked more times than I can count over the years what the “secret” is to real estate success. And while there are a lot of ingredients in the recipe, I can tell you that there’s one that surpasses all the others:  generating a consistent supply of good quality leads.Read the rest

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How to Stay Busy This Winter in Real Estate Sales

Winter Real Estate SalesLet me guess, during the spring and summer months you hardly have time to catch your breath.  Then when the holidays roll around suddenly your calendar opens up, meetings are sparse and the phone quiets down.  How do you stay busy and continue generating real estate leads through the winter months?

The holiday season is actually one of the best times of year to generate leads and it can be a lucrative time for home buyers to find their dream home. … Read the rest

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Top Tips for New Real Estate Professionals

rookie real estateEmbarking on a new career in real estate sales can be both exciting and daunting, can’t it? Many rookie agents are often surprised by the demands of the job. From networking and marketing to time management and organization, REALTORS® are skilled multi-taskers who keep their eye on the prize – closing sales.

Maybe you’re just a beginner in the business, or you may be several months into it and trying to build a contact list or hoping to break into a new community.… Read the rest

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The Greatest Online Marketing Tool for Real Estate Professionals

Best Marketing Tool for RealtorsAs social media explodes in popularity and mobile use expands, you might be re-strategizing how to spend your marketing dollars. You might also be cringing at the idea of spending an inordinate amount of money on relatively new, untested waters, like social media ads. But, you have to go where the eyeballs are, right?

Absolutely! Fortunately, the eyeballs haven’t really moved, from a marketing standpoint. Think about where you spend some of your online time, several times a day, every day.… Read the rest

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Email Marketing Best Practices: Tips for Real Estate Agents

real estate email marketingIsn’t it incredible the way email has changed how REALTORS® can communicate with key contacts such as past clients and hot prospects? The flexibility and convenience is astounding. I can hardly remember what life was like before!

The power of email does more than help you keep in touch with your college friends. It’s a game-changer when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy, empowering you to grow your business with less effort than ever before.

If you’re already a savvy Realtor who understands the importance of keeping in touch with your contacts on a regular basis, are you following best practices for real estate email marketing?… Read the rest

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Real Estate Branding Ideas

real estate branding ideasIf you’re like the many other real estate professionals we communicate with regularly, you’re responsible for everything from your lead generation to marketing to paperwork and more.  As an entrepreneur you aren’t just part of a brand are your brand and that means balancing a hectic schedule.

Realty Times recently published an article on how REALTORS® can build their brand and I’d like to share their 5 tips here.  The good news is that many of these tips can be accomplished with the help of a powerful real estate CRM like IXACT Contact. … Read the rest

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