Give Your Real Estate Database a Health Check: 4 Simple Steps

Real estate databaseFor 99% of salespeople, the most productive source of business is their personal database (those who know, like, and trust them).

These people may have done business with you or they may have not. Regardless, they likely send business your way. It’s logical to think that the bigger the list, the more business you get. But this is not always true. You still have to call your contacts every 90 days and ask for business (“Who do you know that needs my help…etc.?”).

Here’s the acid test question: Aren’t there some people on your list that you do not want to call and ask for business? Be honest. Of course there are! That’s normal.

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Contact Management for Real Estate Agents: 3 Essential Elements to Success

Real estate contact managementA lot of REALTORS® aren’t aware of important best practices when it comes to real estate contact management. Agents who excel in effective contact management forge strong relationships with their sphere and get the vast majority of their business from past clients in the form of repeat business and referrals. In this blog post we’ll outline three keys to success when it comes to contact management for real estate agents and actionable insights you can start applying to your business right away.

1. Create a multi-channel keep in touch plan

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4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stand out From the Competition

Real estate email marketingAs the real estate market rebounds, so does the number of new agents! A recent article by the Associated Press reports that the number of real estate applications has doubled in states like Florida and California, where rising home prices are grabbing headlines. Newcomers to the industry are lured by the impression of a big payday with a relatively low barrier to entry.

Real estate sales has always been a highly-competitive industry. With tens of thousands of new agents expected to enter the field in the upcoming months, it’s more critical than ever to distinguish your name and your brand from the masses.

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Get Organized in Real Estate with Listing and Closing Activity Plans

Check out the video at the end of this blog post by real estate coach Bruce Keith of Bruce Keith Results. Bruce is a big fan of IXACT Contact and recommends the real estate CRM to all of his coaching clients. In this video he discusses how IXACT Contact’s listing and closing Activity Plans help get you more organized and in control.

Listing and closing Activity Plans come included in IXACT Contact. They are a series of tasks with corresponding due dates. At the right date and time, the REALTOR® CRM will remind you to take specific actions, like install a lockbox, update the MLS, or send the client a progress report, so nothing falls through the cracks when listing or closing a home.

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4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Leads Are Falling Through the Cracks

Real estate leadsYou likely work hard to generate real estate leads for your business. But once you get the leads, are you doing everything you can to maximize the chance that they convert into clients?

If you’re not making the most of every lead and letting some fall through the cracks, you could be missing out on many easy sales opportunities – “low hanging fruit.”

In this post, we’re going to share four important reasons why your real estate leads may be falling through the cracks.

1. You’re making it hard to contact you/ find your contact details

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The 3 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools

Real estate marketing toolsThe best real estate marketing tools aren’t always easy to find. And everyone seems to have a different opinion these days on which ones really are the cream of the crop. In this blog post we’re going to let you in on three tools which we believe are absolutely essential for every REALTOR® and which will help take your business to new heights.

1. IXACT Contact – Real Estate CRM

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The #1 Rule of Relationship Marketing

Real estate contact management and relationships go hand in handWhen you entered the real estate sales business, you were instructed to “get your name out there.”  You put your face on business cards, flyers, websites, social media, and park benches. You established your personal brand on all fronts. From there, reinforcing your brand and staying “top of mind” became an ongoing objective.

If only the same emphasis was given to knowing your clients! Relationship marketing requires a mutually-beneficial association. Some agents forget that the number one rule of relationship marketing is to establish a relationship!

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New to Real Estate? 5 Great Ideas to Let People Know

Real estate contact management ideasToday’s blog post is by leading real estate sales coach, IXACT Contact partner, and author of “Sell with Soul,” Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn. Enjoy:

Please, please, please! Can we do away, once and for all, with the dorky new agent announcement card, letter or whatever else that agents use to announce their exciting venture into real estate??!!

Here’s a typical letter:
“Dear Friend, I’m pleased to announce…blah, blah, blah…my company is great…blah, blah, blah…I promise to provide the highest level of service…blah, blah, blah…please send me referrals. Love, Me”

Nice, but so what?

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How to Get More Referrals from Your Real Estate CRM Database

Get more referrals from your real estate databaseWant more referrals? Well, there may be more opportunity for referrals than you ever imagined right under your nose.

The key is to focus in on your “personal circle;” friends, family, and acquaintances who may be willing to recommend you to others.

The average homeowner knows three to five people who will move each year. Let’s crunch the numbers a bit. Assume there are 25 people in your personal circle. If that’s the case, you could get 75 to 125 new referrals per year from the people in your real estate CRM!

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