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How to Get More Referrals from Your Real Estate CRM Database

Get more referrals from your real estate databaseWant more referrals? Well, there may be more opportunity for referrals than you ever imagined right under your nose.

The key is to focus in on yo
ur “personal circle;” friends, family, and acquaintances who may be willing to recommend you to others.

The average homeowner knows three to five people who will move each year. Let’s crunch the numbers a bit. Assume there are 25 people in your personal circle. If that’s the case, you could get 75 to 125 new referrals per year from the people in your real estate CRM!

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3 Ways to Express Personality in Your Real Estate Email Marketing

Real estate email marketingToday’s blog post is by leading real estate virtual assistant, Pamela Cendejas. Pamela is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Second Self Virtual Assistance. Enjoy:

You can always tell a good author by the descriptive details of their characters.  As you read, the players come alive and you’re able to imagine how they look and what their voices sound like.  The same should be true with your email.  Your readers should be able to feel like they’re getting to know “the real” you.

Here are three simple-to-do ideas you can put into action to express your own personality in your real estate email marketing:

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Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

Top 3 real estate email marketing mistakesAs a REALTOR®, you have to wear a lot of hats. You may have not received much training in marketing even though it’s a key component of your job. But hopefully this blog post and others on the IXACT Contact Real Estate Contact Management Blog will help you improve and master effective real estate marketing.

Here are three real estate email marketing mistakes agents often make:

1. Sending generic real estate marketing emails

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Want to Better Service Your Clients? Consider a CRM for REALTORS®

Build better client relationships with a CRM for RealtorsWhat are you doing right now to offer exceptional service to your clients? Perhaps you respond to their inquiries right away, provide them with excellent advice, are proactive in showing them homes they may be interested in and anticipating their needs, and more. But are there other things you can be doing? Maybe you could be leveraging technology more to bring the service you provide from good to great. Or great to extraordinary.

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What’s The Difference Between Hard Email Bounces and Soft Bounces?

Real estate email marketing terms definedIXACT Contact is the only real estate CRM that comes with Email Campaign Reporting; a feature that helps you to identify your hot leads and gives you key insight into how many people opened and forwarded your email and clicked on its links. It also tells you which emails hard bounced and which ones soft bounced so you can clean up the email addresses in your database if necessary. A common question we get asked is “What’s the difference between hard and soft bounces?”

Here’s the deal…

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The 3 Ultimate Ways to Get More Testimonials

Testimonials and leads in real estate salesTestimonials are a powerful business-building tool. In fact, they’re one of the best credibility indicators in your real estate marketing arsenal.

Real estate leads expect you to be biased but they trust that other buyers and sellers will tell it like it is. That’s why testimonials are so powerful; a bunch of great ones on your website can easily sway a lead to pick up the phone and give you a call.

But a steady stream of great testimonials doesn’t “just happen.” Even if you’re providing top-notch service, some clients don’t think to give you testimonials/ don’t realize how important they are to your business success. You need to be proactive. Here are three fantastic ways to get more testimonials:

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Think Fast: What’s Your 12 Second Marketing Message?

What's your 12 second real estate marketing message?When someone meets you for the first time and asks what you do for a living, what do you say? Simply that you’re REALTOR®? As a real estate agent, it’s important you have a “12 second real estate marketing message”; a brief overview of what you do and what sets you apart.  If you don’t, you’re missing a big opportunity to leave a lasting impression of yourself as a real estate expert – someone worth using for their real estate needs or referring to others.

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What You Wear Matters More Than You Might Think When It Comes to Getting Real Estate Leads

Realtor - Real Estate Lead Gen ExpertYou need some landscaping done, so you start looking for the right professional for the job.

You meet two potential contractors.

The first greets you wearing jeans and a dirty t-shirt. The brochures he shows you are dog eared. His truck is old and caked in dirt. Although he may be a skilled contractor, he doesn’t look like he cares about details or is a particularly successful businessperson.

The second contractor, by contrast, looks like the picture of success. He’s well groomed and friendly. His truck is tidy and has a professional-looking sign on the door. The brochures, samples and other materials he shows you look impressive.

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Real Estate Marketing: How to Create Email Your Contacts Will Want to Read

Take your real estate marketing from good to greatToday we’re reblogging an article written by Pamela Cendejas, a real estate virtual assistant and IXACT Contact affiliate.  In this article, Pamela shares some awesome tips that’ll take your real estate marketing from good to great.

Not all real estate marketing emails are created equal so next time you sit down to write one, take these tips into consideration. Pamela’s right when says, “Email marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business.”  Remember that if you’re too busy to write your own marketing emails, IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management system comes with email templates and drip marketing plans created for you that follow all of the advice Pamela outlines in this article.

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Why It’s Essential to Build Great Rapport with Other Real Estate Agents

Building rapport with other real estate agentsDo you care what other real estate agents think of you?

You should.

Your clients and referral sources will often ask other people they meet in the “home industry” for their opinion of you. Your clients will even ask your competition!

So it pays to be respected by your peers.

Now that doesn’t mean you should become so friendly with your competition that you share leads or let them in on your real estate marketing plans. But, you should be cultivating good working relationships with other real estate agents — especially those who work in the same market or with similar profile clients as you.

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